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Issues that concern a vehicle’s transmission system is not a small issue. As the system is responsible for the speed control of the vehicle, it is vital that it is well maintained. Are you looking for a reliable shop where you ca get your vehicle checked or repaired? If this is so, then Bravo Transmissions is the professional transmission service provider you have been looking for! Visit our Google+ page today, and find out more about our services!

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by Roger D. Philips on

One day my vehicle started to work very strange. I knew that only a transmission repair professional could help me, and this is how I found you. Your experts did an amazing job, it is like nothing was ever wrong with my car! Thank you, I will recommend you to my friends!

by Brian Fenwall on

I use my truck every day to go to work and carry a significant load of construction materials. One day, however, something went very wrong, and my truck simply refused to start. I started looking for a transmission repair company, and I found your contact details on the Internet. Thank you very much for fixing my vehicle!

by Bradley C. Dane on

I have an old 72' Chevy which had problems with its gears. Finding a transmission shop that could get me the parts I needed was a lot longer than expected. I am a fan of old vehicles, and this is why I always keep the trucks' systems in check; so thanks to you, it is now running smoother than before!

by Brenda Palmer on
Transmission Repair

Every time I put the shift stick into “drive” mode, the car was making strange noises. At some point, I noticed that it started to loose power - this is when I knew that I had to find a transmission repair specialist. Your company performed an outstanding job! My car feels like it is brand new again!

by Lesley & Brandon Smiles on

My brother and I are car enthusiasts who like to renovate a lot of old vehicles. However, in our latest projects, we had some trouble in finding a specific transmission part. We started looking for a transmission shop that could help us, and our search led us to you. Thank you for helping us out, we will definitely work with you again!

by Timothy J. Collins on
Fast and professional!

You guys performed a magical service. For the last two months, I noticed that something was really wrong with my car. When it accelerated, it made a very strange noise, and I knew that I had to bring it to the "doctor," but I didn't know what had happened with it. After you did your work on it, I couldn't believe how well it rode, thank you very much!