Not Sure If Your Transmission Is on the Way Out?

How to Know If Your Transmission Has Gone

The main components of a vehicle’s transmission range from  the gearbox, clutch, dispatch box only found in 4×4 vehicles, drive-shaft, tires and the differential. This article, which we, at Bravo Transmissions, in Carson City, NV, have prepared, will help you to diagnose a transmission which is failing. First, park your car with its front tires to the curb. Put your car in 1st gear and slowly release the clutch, remembering not to apply any gas. You should hear your engine fade out and go down when the pedal is released. If your engine just goes down or the fading is not slow, then you have a clutch which is damaged. If your gearbox emits a grinding noise when you shift to first, there’s damage in your clutch too.

Attempt to drive away in 3rd gear with your front wheels on the curb, without applying any gas, and if your engine doesn’t stall will cause a total clutch failure. In which case, park up, and do not drive the vehicle. Locate a smooth straight road to test your car. Start off in 1st, and slowly accelerate.  Whilst doing this, use late shifting, for  instance, slightly over rev your engine. Shift to 2nd without double clutching. Repeat this procedure when shifting to 3rd. Now, your car is operating at around 50 km/h; try shifting down to 2nd without double clutching. Both the up and down shifting has to be performed with no grinding. Grinding the gears is a sure indication of gearbox problems, more than likely with the sync gears. To ensure it’s these, try up and down shifting using double clutching. If the grinding noise stops, then the problem is with the synchronization.

Tips for  avoiding damage to your transmission.

Avoid prolonged driving by slipping your clutch.

Avoid jolts and jerks whilst driving.

Never ride your clutch, for  example, by keeping your foot on the clutch pedal.

Never use your clutch to regulate your speed.

Always ensure your clutch is completely depressed when shifting gears.

Never use too much force when shifting gears.

For  rear wheel drives, steer clear of driving through places that have the minimum vehicle clearance.

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