Driving Tips for Healthy and Long-Lasting Transmission

How to Avoid a Rather Expensive Transmission Repair Service

The transmission is one of your car’s most complex parts. Every transmission system is composed of numerous parts and mechanisms that work in unison to provide efficient gear shifting. But even though they have such an important role, transmission systems rarely receive the credit they deserve. Car owners usually don’t pay attention to their transmission unless problems occur. But this sort of behavior usually leads to the need or expensive transmission repair services. So, in order to save money, you should follow here are some transmission maintenance tips and tricks.

  • Change the transmission fluid every 15,000 miles. This is perhaps the best thing you can do for your gearbox. By replacing the fluid regularly, you ensure that all inner parts are kept in good condition.

  • Make sure that your vehicle warms up a bit before putting into gear. In cold weather, transmission fluid becomes a bit more viscous. This puts extra pressure on the engine as well as transmission mechanism. So, in order to avoid forcing your gearbox, allow the vehicle to warm up before you start off.

  • Always wait until the vehicle comes to a complete stop, and only then shift from drive to reverse or backwards. This will allow the fluid in the transmission to settle before it changes its flow direction.

  • Avoid spinning tires as much as possible. Not all cars are made for racing. Most vehicles are equipped with transmission systems that are not designed for high-performance starts. So, in order to avoid an expensive transmission service, try to avoid forced starts whenever possible.

  • Do not neglect to repair an overheating engine problem. This can put additional stress on the transmission components via the engine. Keep in mind that excessive heat and friction are the main reasons for most transmission failures.

  • Remember that transmission servicing is not in a typical automotive care service. This means that you need to ask for your transmission to be serviced.

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