Driving Tips for Healthy and Long-Lasting Transmission

How to Avoid a Rather Expensive Transmission Repair Service The transmission is one of your car’s most complex parts. Every transmission system is composed of numerous parts and mechanisms that work in unison to provide efficient gear shifting. But even though they have such an important role, transmission systems rarely receive the credit they deserve. Car owners usually don’t pay attention to their transmission unless problems occur. But this sort of behavior usually leads to the need or expensive transmission repair services. So, in order to save money, you Continue reading → Continue reading →

Not Sure If Your Transmission Is on the Way Out?

How to Know If Your Transmission Has Gone The main components of a vehicle’s transmission range from  the gearbox, clutch, dispatch box only found in 4×4 vehicles, drive-shaft, tires and the differential. This article, which we, at , in , have prepared, will help you to diagnose a transmission which is failing. First, park your car with its front tires to the curb. Put your car in 1st gear and slowly release the clutch, remembering not to apply any gas. You should hear your engine Continue reading →